Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Price To Pay

I met Emerson today. He seems like he could be a nice guy, but he also seems waaaay to tightly wound right now... and he told me to shave off my beard... blah, “good bye rocker, hello little boy face.” {sigh} Whatever is required. Though I guess it could be worse... what if they only allowed eunuchs. Ugh!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Beginning Of A Great Adventure Around The World

Troy here. Well I haven’t had time to think or even breath it seems…Let alone time to write. We just got here to our new “home away from home”…Lapilo Center, the hub, the Mecca of NTM in PNG {New tribes Mission, Papua New Guinea}…after my crazy 8 hour bus ride to DC and then sleeping on the floor for 6 hours at Reagan Airport. I had a long flight with several layovers on my way to LA. When I got there I walked out of the terminal just in time to see bomb trucks go by, and hear that they were shutting down the terminal. Soooo, I had to carry my over abundance of crap all the full length of LAX international airport... which if you have ever been to, you know what that means. And there were mobs of people all pushing, trying to get away.

Welcome to Los Angeles. Anyway, next morning early it was off to Fiji, then the Solomon Islands, then Port Moresby, then Goroka, and finally a 20 minute bumpy ride in something called a Canter to here…home sweet home-away-from-home. I heard it called Little America and The Bubble. I can see that. As soon as you round the bend and see the neatly lined up houses with shiny tin roofs you know something isn’t normal. Anyway adventure awaits! What a beautiful and wild land.