Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012-02-05 10:30 local time. On our way from Entebbe to Jinja. It's a beautiful day. Blue skies. Not too hot yet. I feel like I'm at home. Not so much of wanting this to BE home, but rather that it has the familiarity and welcome feel of home.

There are 16 of us on this trip, not counting Pastor Rick. A good team full of people I have come to know and love over the last couple years. They are full of love for God and for people. They are genuine, and I like that.

Team members:
  1. Pastor Rick Sadler
  2. Mz Candy Sadler
  3. Mz Glasell Williamson
  4. Grace Moyer
  5. Christie Lipscomb
  6. Dennis Hansen
  7. Terri Hansen
  8. Dr. Jim Masloff
  9. Jeanne Masloff
  10. Rocky Stanley
  11. Pastor Jackie Carver
  12. Glynda Carver
  13. Pastor Todd Childers
  14. Dr John Cramer
  15. Terri Evans 
  16. Bonnie Bates 
  17. Sandi Bird

Saturday, February 4, 2012

2012-02-04 Journal Entry

We are less than an hour out from Entebbe. It's been a long flight...obviously...made seeming longer by the lack of sleep I had this past week. However, it has been fairly uneventful once we actually got assigned to a flight.

Our Air France/KLM flight was delayed on its way in to Dulles, so they were going to send us on Continental. After standing in line at Continental's desk, we were told that that flight was delayed as well.
...Back to KLM which finally sent our fearless leaders to Turkish Air. We thought they were going to route us through Istanbul, but a short time later they told us that wouldn't work either.

So then we were sent over to British Airways to take the 9pm flight. When we hit the BA counter it was about 17:15. The woman there states she can't put us on the 9pm flight, but that we had to get on the flight that was boarding "NOW". ...The gate closed at 17:55 and we still had to check 16 people's bags, get through security, and get to our departure terminal! A seemingly impossible task. I had a problem going through security.

I didn't take my money belt off because I've never had to before. We, with the body scanners you have to, OR you have to go through a "private security screening". They got pretty serious with me, even after I realized what they were seeing on the scanner. Get partly undressed and get patted down, have them fill out a report in the computer, & have the supervisor "clear" me.

I managed to convince them that I wasn't a terrorist, quickly redressed and headed toward the terminal with another straggling member of our group. "Somehow" (...God) we all made it on the plane, although our luggage was supposedly going to travel on the later flight to Heathrow...supposedly still arriving in time to make the Entebbe connection. We'll see! :-)