Thursday, October 4, 2007

Continuation of LIVE BLOGGING from Catalyst 2007

These are raw notes, probably with spelling errors, formatting issues, etc., but it's what I can get down in print during the speaking.

Pastor Sunday Adelaja from the Ukraine. Founder and Senior Pastor of the largest Evangelical Charismatic Church in Europe.

Launching something Feb 8th to take back the US for the Kingdom of God. Do Church in a new way and go out and engage every area of culture/society: media, business, workplace, marketplace, politics, music, etc.

Speaker: Rick Warren

Stop praying, "God Bless Me," and start praying, "God help me to do what You are blessing."
Where is the Kingdom of God? It is wherever Jesus is King.
What is the Kingdom of God? God's people fulfilling God's purpose on God's planet for God's glory.
If you want Jesus to come back, just get out there and start sharing your faith. Because the end will not come until the Gospel has been preached to all people.
If you want God's blessing in your life you must get with God's agenda.

How would you feel if someone said to you, "I love you but I hate your wife."? Or, "I love you, but I hate your body."? You'd be offended.

God wants you to learn to love the real church, not the ideal church...with all it's failings and shortcomings.

The only thing that's going to last on this earth is God's family. The heavens are going to pass away. The earth is going to pass away. It's His family, that he created for himself that's going to last.

God to Moses: What's in your hand Moses? "A staff." Something that was dead became alive. Then when he picked it up again it was a stick.

When God asks you a question, it's not for His benefit.
Whenever God does a miracle it is to teach a truth.

The staff represented Moses' identity.
1. Represented who he was.
2. It represented his income or possessions. (They didn't have stocks, they had flocks! :D)
3. It represented his influence.

I want you to lay it down, your identity, your influence, your income and I'll make it alive. And every time you pick it up into your own hands again it will turn back into something dead again. From that point on it is no longer called Moses' Staff, but "The Rod of God!"

What is in YOUR hand? Your personality, your education, your position, your finances?

What did you do with my son, Jesus Christ? I hope it's that you made Him your Saviour, Lord, Master...we don't have a snowball's chance in hell without Him.

What did you do with what I put in your hands?

Forever changed and challenged by a church of 50 people in Africa "that was doing more for the poor than my Mega Church in California." That Pastor would walk 1.5 hours to the Post Office in S. Africa where there was internet, download Rick's sermons, then walk back 1.5 hours. He told Pastor Rick that HE WAS THE ONLY TRAINING he'd ever had! That challenged and brought tears to his eyes.

Purpose Driven Life..."I figured if 'it's not about me' then the money (10's of millions of dollars) wasn't for me either.

The spirit of Affluence vs. the spirit of Inflluence. Money vs. Fame. 1 Corinthians 9. Paul refused to take wages.

Stopped taking a salary from Saddleback Church. Added up all the money he'd been paid as a salary over 25 years, saved "$1000's of dollars not buying socks!" :D Became Reverse Tithers...give 90% and keep 10% to live on.

Designed a bumper sticker: "Tithe if you love Jesus, any fool can honk!"

Psalm 72 What did Solomon pray for and WHY? The Purpose of Influence is so YOU CAN SPEAK UP for those WHO HAVE NO INFLUENCE!

It's been 500 years since we've had a reformation in the church...the first one was about Creeds, the Second one needs to be about deeds. Not what the church knows, but what the church does! The arms and legs of the church have been amputated, and all that's been left is a BIG MOUTH!

1. ___________________
2. Corrupt Leadership. Don't let SERVICE become ServUs!
3. Poverty
4. Pandemic diseases. 500 million people will get Malaria this year...why do we still have that disease when we know how to get rid of it? 30,000 kids die every day of preventable diseases,
if we don't care we are saying that they can all just go to hell. Care for poor, educate the people, healed the sick, equip the next generation... [I missed a good part of this...he talked too fast]

"If we don't go out into the world where they are broken and hurting and pick up the cross...then I doubt our Christianity."

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