Friday, October 10, 2008

Has the world ended?

Probably not, but it should have, because I am writing a blog post. Very short, very much to the point. If there was one.

This is Jed. I've been in Texas for a little over two weeks, and right now would give almost anything to be able to go to Dallas tonight and watch a football (A football game? No, THE football game...) The Red River Shootout. I love college football, and I have two teams I cheer for any time they are on the field, one of them is Oklahoma University, and the other is the University of Florida. Anyway, Rivalry Weekend is going to be awesome, I just wish I could watch the games rather than work.

Other than that, nothing major to report, been inspecting houses and generally just wishing payroll woul get their act together. I will say, however, that this would be the perfect place/time for a bum to live. Meals can be found on nearly every corner of Galveston Island, and sometimes they find you first (Mobile Salvation Army food trucks driving up and down the streets all throughout the day, serving hot food, cold water, and even some Gatorade.) Two nights ago we slept in the truck on Galveston, in a parking lot. There was a furniture place that had thrown all its sofas out because they had gotten wet, but were dry now. So, being the Birds that we are, we pulled a sofa over to the car, pulled a stack of crates over, ran the power cord of Troy's laptop out the passenger window, and watched a movie on it, sitting on a couch for the first time in ages. So, yeah, if you ever thought about becoming a transient, this would be the perfect time.

My biggest complaint while down here, though, has got to be the McDonald's Dollar Sweet Tea, or lack thereof. First off, most of them don't even have sweet tea. Its like, are you all freaking yankees or something? What the hell is wrong with this country when the southern restaurants don't have sweet tea. Second off, when they do have sweet tea, it isn't a buck. It's a buck 69, plus tax.

Anyway, going to cut the chat now, so until next time, take care and have fun.

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