Sunday, June 17, 2007

Day 2- From Rachael's Viewpoint

This is my first entry into our blog, and I’m typing it up in the van like everybody else has done, except we are sitting here “stranded” after Sandi tried to drive through some sand, but she didn’t make it. Troy tried to ask her if she remembered how to drive through sand, but he asked her a little too late, as she drove right through and got stuck. But it’s all good, I mean, it’s funny, in kind of an ironic way. I just got back from taking a number two in the woods, bringing my toilet paper with me in a Ziploc baggie and a big knife in case I had to cut a snake in two if it tried to bite my exposed buttocks. Oh yeah and then I had the joy of burying my poo—yippeee!!! But please don’t mistake my sarcasm for disdain at the current situation. I am still having fun. The girls are playing in the sand behind the van, and Mary Ruth was rolling in it and they’re all pretty much covered in sand. It’s hot as hell (well, maybe not, but it’s pretty hot) but there is still a nice breeze every once in a while that keeps us fairly cool. Now, let me tell you the story of how we got here. Soooooo we Map-quested Hopkins Prairie, which is where we were going to camp for a couple days of our vacation. Well, DON’T EVER MAPQUEST SOMETHING MORE THAN 100 MILES AWAY FROM WHERE YOU LIVE. Because… took us the back way on a dirt road for 3 and a half miles, and then we turned down another dirt, uh, road that was filled with bumps and tree trunks and all that sort of thing. We’re driving through trees and our van is barely making between them. And actually it was all really fun and the kids were having a blast, but then, yeah, we hit the sand and poof! We’re stuck. Sooooooooo, yeah. But, it’s all good, not a big deal. The only people who are probably not having a lot of fun right now are Troy and Jed, because they had to walk to the campsite we’re trying to get to to see if there’s anybody there who could come help pull us out of the sand. They’ve been gone for about an hour, and they had to walk in the sandy trail in the sun, not even knowing how far we really are away from the campsite. So they’re probably not having a whole lot of fun. But anyway, so far, our trip had been pretty uneventful until this, and I anticipate many more wonderful adventures in the next eight days!! :O) HOORAY FOR BIRD VACATIONS!!!!!!! :O)

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