Friday, June 15, 2007

On our way!

Ohh yeah! how sweet it is to finally see months worth of planning and anticipation coming to fruition. this afternoon after attending Mary Ruth's graduation, we finally managed to get out of Roanoke. In true Bird family fashion....several hours behind schedule. Some how I, being the most grammatically and phonetically inept, get put on blogger duty. No prob, i like to talk! So far we have had a very {and thinking back to many many many trips} very good trip. mom is apparently the only person allowed to drive our new van. Which I've affectionately dubbed "The Flaming Bird Wagon" Or "Ark" for short. I guess my Commercial drivers license and years of experience don't count. Its ok though, other than getting lost in a Burger king parking lot. we have had no "Navigational" errors. And other then being 7 hours late, we seem to be right on schedule. I'm sending up a pic that Jed's boss John, so nicely snapped of us as we left. I look forward to sending a stream of pic's, movies and blogg entries. I'm gonna hop off here for now. see you guys later!

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Gerrie said...

Hey, you guys I'm jealous number one because I miss camping so much and, number two because it's more fun the more people you have that are camping. Yes, Sandi, it is my fear about the things with big teeth and poisonous bites but I know you will be careful, especially where the little ones are concerned. Have fun, come back safe and sound. Love you lots, The Other Mama and Gramma