Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day From Cuenca!

OK, so Mother's Day ended 1-1/2 hours ago from when I'm writing this. But I still wanted to send Mother's Day greetings to all of the moms I know!

I'm in Cuenca, Ecuador right now, and it was a beautiful day. I've uploaded some pictures from the day, and I have some video to upload too. Hopefully I'll get that done Monday. I had a great day exploring the city. I met a Russian couple, a couple from Australia, and some expatriates from the states. I treated myself to Mother's Day lunch at a very nice, all of them, inexpensive restaurante. I got to watch part of a free concert in the Parque Calderon, and tour a 190 year-old home that an elderly woman lives in with her 3 of it are uploading as I type.

It's late, and I'm tired, so I'm going to shut up for now...first close...but I have plans to catch everything up sometime Monday. My love to all! Dios Bendiga! (God Bless You!)

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joesam78 said...

Hey Sandi, found your blog!!! Great looking. Can't wait to talk to you. Have a great rest of your vacation.

Marie and Doug