Sunday, May 4, 2008

In Riobamba...

I'm finally getting caught up in my blogging! Yay! I know some of my posts are lengthy, but I have ulterior motives. I plan on turning my blog into a book, and I need to write enough for the framework that I'll need later on...

Now...Riobamba. Riobamba is another city...not much of a tourist place, especially on Sunday. BUT God has planted me in a beautiful spot! I'm staying at the Hostal Oasis, and it is just what it says it is, an oasis. Tucked away behind the nondescript outer walls is a wonderfully inviting and charming place. It is run by a family who live on the property. You enter through the reception room, but once you pass that, you walk through a lovely little courtyard and then into a smaller courtyard from which the guestrooms are reached. They have at least one dorm room that sleeps 3. And at least 3 private rooms. I believe they have 1 or 2 apartments as well. The private room that I was led to is so nice! It is kept immaculately clean, and I feel very welcome here.

I walked around town last night in search of groceries to cook my own meals while I'm here. After walking about a mile, and stopping in smaller stores that didn't have a full line of groceries, I finally found a mercado that was open, and was able to purchase bread and queso to go with the huevos, pasta, and margarina that I'd purchased in two other stops. Saturday was market day in the city, so there were still plenty of people around town. Indigenous people come from all around to sell there goods. I wish I'd been here earlier in the day to experience the sights and sounds.

The nights get very chilly here, and the warm blankets and comforter on the bed were very welcome when it was time to turn in for the night. Despite the proximity to the equator, the elevation provides respite from extremely hot temperatures. I got a full night's sleep, waking to my alarm at 8am this morning. I wanted to take part in VWM's pre-service prayer, albeit from a distance...

I've worked on the computer most of the day, and still have more to do tonight. But it's been a very relaxing and enjoyable day. The clouds that blocked the sun earlier are gone now, and it's beautiful! God is SOOOO awesome! There's no way that I can describe how I've felt so far on this trip. Blessed is an understatement. This has been one of those times where I feel like God has just stopped everything else, just to do something special for me. He's such a good God, and I love Him and appreciate Him sooo much! It's been one of those times where I truly feel like I'm God's favorite! (I know...and YOU are too!)

Well, I took a break to go in search of Pollo! Most everything is cerrado (closed) on Sunday, but I found a fast food Pollo place abierto (open). All I can say is..."I'm stuffed!" I ordered the Combi Asado which was the pollo asado (roasted chicken) combo. It came with 1/4 pollo asado, arroz (rice), papases fritas (french fries), cole slaw, and a gaseous (Coke). Grand total: $3.45. I love the prices here!

I'm getting better at recognizing some words. I guess I don't have much of a choice though. Oh! I was so excited! I walked all over last night hoping to find a panaderia (bakery) and I took a different route this evening and found one just a few blocks from the hostel. I'd already bought a loaf of bread, but I was able to get some yogurt there...and a dessert. :D

I hope everyone is enjoying my blog and the photos. I have more video to upload yet, and once I do, I'll have a video sharing page for that. I appreciate everyone's prayers. Thanks for being there!


Sabrina said...

Hi, if you recieve this I'll explain later why it's so short

Sabrina said...

Ok, looks like you received my last message. The problem?? I forgot my password and had to reset it and it didn't want to accept it the first 5 times I wrote.I loved the pictures, especially the gardens because I love plants and flowers!I know you're seeing some beautiful country and I admire you're adventurous spirit. Looking forward to more sites to see via Sandi AKA:Great Adventurer
Remember there are angels all around you for protection and to minister for you. It really blesses me how God sends someone to help you just in the nick of time.He's so awesome and so faithful!Much love and peace

Natalie Hefner said...

Hey Sandi! Just wanted to let ya know I'm following along; so neat to be able to share your adventures with you! More later... Take care!