Friday, November 14, 2008

Kenneth Copeland Victory Campaign, 9:30 AM Session

Good Morning to All! This is Sandi, and I'm blogging the 9:30 AM KCM Victory Campaign service from Woodbridge, VA. (I'm moderating comments on this blog, so if you're a Copeland or Word of Faith basher, don't bother. It's my blog, I still live in a country where I can blog a church service without fear of reprisal from someone.)

DISCLAIMER: Remember, this is MY INTERPRETATION of what I'm hearing. For the actual meeting audio go to Kenneth Copeland Ministries' website to listen On Demand to the service for free. Click on the Media tab. Or go to Believer's Voice of Victory TV for live or replay streaming of Bro. Copeland's services.

Already the Holy Spirit...and Bro. Copeland...have stepped on my toes. Bro. Copeland was talking about his Worship Team and making the statement that they were the finest worship team, period. He said to the effect, "Some of you may say, 'Well you're just saying that by faith.' NO, I said it by faith before it ever came into being. No it's here!" That kicked my butt regarding my confession over my website team at Valley Word.

Now he's talking about the current US situation in relation to John 13:31-John 17. Our "homework assignment" is to read those verses straight through without looking at the ch/vs numbers and let it speak to us. And he's echoed the same verse I've used so many times in the last few years, "A kingdom divided cannot stand." And, what I wholeheartedly agree with, that the Church is responsible for not fulfilling her responsibility to provide the prayer covering for our country that we SHOULD be doing.

More in a few minutes...

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