Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Writing Retreat...With a Lot Of Copeland Mixed In!

Hey everyone! Sandi here. My goal is to post a brief update on the status of my book...Yes, the one I was supposed to finish a week and a half ago... :-(

No excuses, as I couldn't see trying to "talk my way out of it" with I won't list my "reasons" for not being done yet here either. BUT, I am on a retreat for the next few days up in Woodbridge, VA with one of the two retreat goals being to finish my book.

I got up here later than I had planned due to trying to follow a "computer generated route" in the dark, rain, and fog (and WHY would the directions say "slight left at Dumfries Rd/Hwy 234" when you're actually supposed to go STRAIGHT and NOT turn left onto Dumfries Rd? (Which apparently both goes straight AND turns left...???)

I'd debated on whether or not to go straight to the opening meeting of the 3-day Washington, D.C. Victory Campaign or to go to my hotel and stream the meeting, and after the delays and driving on no sleep the hotel room was calling my name. I finally found it, and by the time I got my Verizon Aircard working--since the "Free Wi-Fi" doesn't, at this point in time, seem to reach my room in the back of Rodeway Inn--the first meeting was already underway.

I only caught part of it, so I'm starting at the beginning and listening to the replay while I'm writing. Kenneth & Gloria Copeland were instrumental in my faith walk in my early years as a Christian, and they still have a POWERFUL Word from God any time I hear them.

Well, anyway, I'm working on Chapter 5 of what I believe to be 7 plus the Introduction and Conclusion, and I'll be on Retreat until early Sunday morning. I'll head back toward Roanoke about 5:30AM Sunday morning so I can get back in time for church Sunday morning. My Pastors have been ministering in England during the last couple weeks, and I am excited to hear about all that God has done while they were there. You can read their blogs by going to: Pastor's Blog and Rev. Deb's Blog. I highly recommend both of their blogs as regular reading.

I'll be updating again in the next day or so, and will also post about this last week of babysitting my three oldest grandchildren. We had a blast touring Washington, DC's museums, going camping in Shenandoah National Park, hiking to a waterfall, seeing a bear (it ran across the road in front of us), and going to a real Tea Party. We have lots of pictures to share and I'm looking forward to getting it all journaled in the next day or so. Until Blessed!

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