Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sloshing Through Swamp Muck...

Trying to make time for a quick update. Here are a few more Houma pictures:

The water was rising while I was in this area...

You can see the water line in this house where the water was receding by the time I came through here.

The water was up into this home before going down...the levee broke in this area.

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I spent two days in Houma, and then got called back to the Marrero area, outside of New Orleans. The storm surge had hit there as well, and whole towns were inundated with water. On Monday I tried going to the area where my applicants were located (lower Barataria Blvd), and ran up on a "road closed" barricade due to high water. I consulted my "trusty" Streets & Trips software and decided to try to enter from the Lafitte Larose Hwy side, but came up on a police roadblock. There was standing water across Barataria in both directions, and floodwaters surrounding the houses. The police weren't letting anyone in there. On top of that, it was raining heavily, and during the several hours I was there while waiting to meet with some of my applicants the water level actually rose a little bit.

Over the next couple days I trudged through a lot of swamp muck (blackwater form the bayous mixed with contaminants like raw sewage from flooded septic tanks, fuel oil, etc). But I met a WHOLE LOT of great people. I'm sharing a few pictures with you here, and I'll blog more later...I'm late for an appointment right now, so gotta go!

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